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    Not able to fetch detail of all the servers conected to a Management Controller (which are not discovered in ADDM)

    Rajat Jain
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      Hi Everyone,



      I am using below query to find all the Management Controllers (Blade Chassis) discovered in ADDM and  all the host connected to a Management Controller:


      search ManagementController show name, type, vendor, model, #InferredElement:Inference:Associate:DiscoveryAccess.endpoint as 'Scanned via', #Manager:Management:ManagedElement:HostContainer.name as 'Name', #Manager:Management:ManagedElement:HostContainer.#HostContainer:HostContainment:ContainedHost:Host.name as 'Name'


      But, there is another detail, just below the Host list detail, which contains 1) name of all the servers connected to a Management Controller and discovered in ADDM, and 2) list of servers which are connected to that Management Controlled, but not discovered in ADDM.


      Please help me with a query to fetch that detail too. In below snapshot, I am able to fetch list of servers above (14 Hosts) but not the list below.




      Rajat Jain