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    Is it possible to automate the database compact (tw_ds_offline_compact)?

    Joe Baynham

      Hi All,


      I'm looking to automate the tw_ds_offline_compact process (during a predetermined downtime window each month with all clustered services stopped) with a shell script. Having read the documentation on the command I can see it's recommended to do this manually via screen but I'm guessing the --no-questions option allows shell scripts to issue that command?


      Documentation also mentions that "The utility checks that the tideway services have been stopped and that there is sufficient disk space to continue. It then reports the data directory, largest database file, and the free space available." Just wondering if the utility writes that data to a log file? The command line utilities documentation mentions options of defining a log file but this doesn't appear to be an option with tw_ds_offline_compact.


      Basically does anyone have any experience automating this process?