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    Custom Views: Access a Page Parameter from a different page

    Simon Turner

      Not sure if this is possible (or if the answers obvious and I've just missed it in the Documentation), I want to set and/or read a Page Parameter from a different page.  This is all related to drill down.  I have a 6 pages in a view, the first page is a search facility that includes a custom Data Mart that lists the servers found, the action link column determines which page to drill down to (based on the server type I have different analysis on different pages).  The problem is that the only way I seem to be able to pass the SYSID to a different page is by setting it as a Community Parameter (which I believe not only affects all pages but all users as well), I want a way to link to the correct page and pass & set the SYSTEM parameter on the selected page.


      I hope this makes sense, any help guidance would be much appreciated.