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    Include Email fields for outgoing mail entries in Work Detail notes

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      Remedy ITSM 9.1


      For Incoming mail to Remedy, we have checked the box for "Include Email Fields" on the "Add worklog" Rule Configuration.  So now, when someone replies to a Remedy email, the Work Detail is updated (for that related incident) and the Notes field of the Work Detail entry includes the Email fields (From:, To:, CC:, Subject:).


      My question is how can I get those same email fields to show up in the Work Detail notes when it is outgoing mail (mail sent using the Remedy Email System from within the Incident form)?  Right now, it just contains the message itself.  When someone looks back at the Work Details, they cannot see who the recipients were for that message.  The "Submitter" field tells us who sent the email, but we cannot easily verify (without searching the mail logs) who all that message went to.


      Any suggestions?