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    Silent install as non-root?

    Mark Francome
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      We have traditionally installed the Agent as root but now need to create some new Agents running as non-root (security reasons). I have asked the Unix Admin to run the set_agent_mode utility after the install to accommodate this but they want to script a solution that allows non-root to be set at install time (in future we will have system monitoring that sets the system back to the installed version if it finds that dynamic changes have been applied).


      Does anybody know how to either:-


      1. set non-root mode in the PRODUCT.CTL (xml) file or
      2. set an option in the setup.sh command …





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          George Lau

          Root can run command with parameters to set mode

          Usage set_agent_mode:

                   [-u <Control-M/Agent UNIX username>]

                   [-o <option 1-3> 1-Enable non-root 2-Enable root 3-Enable sudo 4-pre uninstall]

                   [-h ] (This help message)


          Alternatively, agent configuration will be at non-root mode when installation is performed by the agent user.

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