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    BMC Discovery : Do Not mark CI into delete status

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      how does BMC Discovery play with the statuses of CIs in CMDB when they're been destroyed in ADDM.


      we have a requirement where we don't want any of our Servers to get into "mark as delete" or "delete" status in CMDB. how does BMC Discovery update the status of a CI when that is been destroyed in Discovery?


      does it update the status of CI in CMDB only when the RESYNC happens or it updates the status when CI is not discovered over some period and been destroyed in Discovery?


      also, when a CI is destroyed what status is been changed for a CI from "Deployed"? we have a requirement to change the status of any server as Disposed from Destroyed when that is been destroyed in Discovery.

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          Shane Smith

          ADDM destroys nodes based on a combination of number of scans over a specified number of days that the node has not been discovered.  (Example: Node has not been seen after 7 scans over 10 days, then ADDM destroys the node).


          Once it is destroyed, on the next sync to CMDB, ADDM with set Mark as Deleted to Yes in the staging dataset.  Then when reconciliation runs, it will mark the CI in the Golden dataset with Mark as Deleted to Yes.  When Mark as Deleted is set to yes, then CMDB backend workflow will set the Asset Status to Delete.  You will find that ADDM is a great tool for the Datacenter and what currently exists. However, it can be a challenge to incorporate that with the desire for Asset Management when you don't want to mark things as Delete.


          I would suggest you become comfortable with the process flow for a CI from ADDM all the way through to Asset Management.  You will want to understand what the Asset Status means for your environment.  Example:  If ADDM does not find it, is it really Disposed?  Maybe the server is turned off and should be 'In Inventory' or 'Down'.  If you change the OOB workflow for the CMDB, you may run into support issues as BMC likely won't support the customization.  The answer to your issue with be on the CMDB side with Workflow/Reconciliation/Manual intervention or some combination of them.


          Here a few articles I would suggest to start with.


          Trending in Support: Deleting CIs from Asset Management

          Trending in Support: The good and bad of inventory retention (in BMC.ASSET dataset)

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            Ryan Nicosia

            You can also just update your Merge precedence association and not merge the Mark as Deleted attribute over to BMC.Asset


            When we first deployed BMC Discovery in 2012, we had to do just that until our CM and AM processes were mature enough.

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