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    BMC Control-M Migration process

    Paul Robins
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      Hi all,

      I want to query how comfortable people are with the Control-M migration process, and what tips and tricks people have to reduce the risk.

      I have built a brand new v9 environment. But realistically I can't test it without having the same application settings as v8 (AD, authorizations, CCM EM and Server settings etc.)

      Those won't exist until I do the import. But I don't want to import user data (job defs etc.) until I have tested the environment as there is too great a risk of jobs being run in the new environment.

      So a real chicken and egg situation.

      How does everyone else deal with this?

      I strongly believe BMC need to review this migration process and give users a way to migrate configuration separately from the user data. The sooner the better.



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          Paul, I have setup a version 9 environment on different servers with different names and done a test migration.  Although all agents are found no jobs will run as the new ctm server is not an authorised server for the agents.  By doing this I was able to check all system parameters, tables, etc. and set up new housekeeping jobs.  Hope this helps

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            Jess Knutson

            Paul, we are in the process of migrating our V8 to V9 as well and agree that there is no ideal way to perform a test of the new environment.  What i have done so far is run the Export/import process for both Control-M/EM and Server to make sure that the processes does run without issues. I have not risked starting the Control-M/Server (even paused) just so there would be no risk of jobs running.  For EM i first only started the CMS and Naming services, logged into the CCM and deleted all Gateways so that there would not be any chance of the EM connecting to our V8 Servers and z/OS systems.  Then you can start the EM Config Agent to at least test some of the EM components like Self Service.  At least for us this we were able to test out that we did not have any firewall issues with Users to get logged on.  Granted its far from ideal but we were able to find a few issues and get them fixed before we do the true conversion.

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              Paul Robins

              I have logged the following RFE if anyone would like to support it with their account manager:

              RFE "QM002336147 - Enhancement request to modify the migration process to allow all setup\config settings to be migrated independent of the user data for EM and CTM Server"

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                Michael Bobbato

                As it stands you can export logs/definitions from Control-M without production downtime. Also, everything can be exported from EM, which is where most config you refer too stands, and that is fine to import.


                For Control-M Server, typically you are importing to a new server, so if the agents are not defined to accept requests from the server, than it will not submit new requests there.  Also, since only definitions are imported, nothing would be in the active job file. A few things can be done: 1. You can mass update the folders to user daily: Manual (no AJF order). 2. You can set a workload policy that prohibits all jobs from running. 3. If you have a generic or global Quantitative resource (or resources) you can set this to 0.

                It's quite common to perform these steps, and then update agents before the actual upgrade to test agent connectivity. Since the job defs are already in the new version, if you have desire to test special job setups or plugins beforehand you can do this too.

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                  Paul Robins

                  You're right Michael you can do all that. However 1 slip-up and potential disaster, especially if you're testing a production environment. BMC should be able to provide something better.

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                    Paul Robins

                    Hi Michael, what process do you use to mass update the folder order method?

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                      Michael Bobbato

                      You can load the folders in a workspace and use find/update utility. It may not be possible to do this depending on the size of your environment, or it may be a really slow way to do things.


                      Unfortunately emdef updatedef cannot be used according to the documentation since you cannot change the daily name in the xml arguments (which is really lame!)


                      I believe you could still write a script to do this using ctmpsm on the CTM server. (list the folders, run the update to set the daily to ''). I haven't done it myself but I guess the option is there.


                      Lists SMART Folders and jobs defined in the Control‑M/Server database, and allows you to add or delete SMART Folders.

                      ctmpsm -FOLDER

                      <LISTFOLDER <folder name>|-UPDATE <row number> <udaily name>|

                      -ADD <folder name> <udaily name>|-DUDAILY <row number>|

                      -REMOVE <folder name>|-LISTJOBS <row number> [FULL]


                      Lists all instances of SMART Folders that match the specified name or mask. For example, if a SMART Folder is ordered by two different user dailies, that folder will appear twice in the output of this option.

                      Wildcards can used as part of the folder name for this option.

                      • * Represents any number of characters.
                      • ? Represents any single character.


                      Updates the User Daily name for a specific SMART Folder.


                      Adds a User Daily to an existing folder. The Folder name and Order method name must be specified when this option is used.


                      Removes an instance of a SMART Folder from the Control‑M/Server database.

                      If the specified instance is the only instance of the folder (that is, that folder is ordered by only one order method), the SMART Folder and all its associated jobs are deleted.

                      If the specified instance is not the only instance of the folder, then only the specified instance is removed from the Control‑M/Server database.


                      Deletes a specific SMART Folder and its associated jobs.


                      Lists jobs in a SMART Folder.


                      Since you only need to do it once it may be easier to load your folders to a workspace and let the GUI do the work.

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                        Gabor Huszar

                        I am going through the same process and even though the agents won't be able to run any jobs until they are authorised I plan to add another fail safe. I simply create an entry in the hosts file for every agent host pointing to This way I can start v9 and be sure that it won't even go out and try to communicate with the agents.


                        On cutover I simply remove the entries from the hosts file and authorise the agents and hope it works.