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    Pentaho Spoon and REST Client

    Ryan Nicosia
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      Using Atrium Integrator (Pentaho spoon) 9.1.03.   Trying to connect to AR System via REST API to pull data to demonstrate REST API capability to customer.


      1. I've created transformation with a "Generate Rows" step

      2.  Included http://<servername>:8008/api/jwt/login  as url so I can pass into REST Client step

      3.  In REST Client step I'm simply trying to get the authentication token back but no matter what I do I either get "Content-type" not supported or "Error 400 Bad Request"


      To get around the Content-Type not support error I added Content-Type: to my generate rows step with value of application/x-www-form-urlencoded


      I then went into Headers tab of the REST Client and added that.  But when I run it I'm getting the bad request error.


      I've banged my head against the wall for about 3 hours with no luck.  Any help with the appropriate configuration for these steps would be greatly appreciated.  The end goal is to use this to pull information about specific Change Requests and feed them to another system.