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    AST:Attributes that match InstanceId

    Peter Lundqvist

      Recently I was looking for CI that was missing an AST:Attribute record and had a bit of a surprise which I hope is an opportunity to learn something.


      I thought Assets (as in AST:ComputerSystem) where the join of the CMDB CI and AST:Attributes joined over ReconciliationIdentity. In my mind this was also an inner join.

      Apparently I was wrong because it actually is an Outer Join of the CMDB CI and AST:Attributes over ($ReconciliationIdentity$ = 'ReconciliationIdentity') OR ('ReconciliationIdentity' = $InstanceId$)

      My questions are:

      • Has it been like this since 8.x?
      • Why an outer join? Is it to create a record on the fly when someone is looking?
      • Why add the ambiguity of InstanceId?
      • How do we deal with AST:Attribute records once a ReconciliationIdentity exists?