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    Corrupt archive in TrueSight repository

    Sam Truong
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      Hi guys,


      I just came across a weird file corruption issue with the TrueSight repository and I'm wondering whether anyone else has seen this before?

      My customer has an H/A configuration of TSPS and they have imported the Sentry Hardware KM into the repository and created an installable package with it.

      When deploying it, the installer reported a specific file not getting extracted/installed:

      [14:21:52] _InstallAProduct:Failed install of product [Hardware Sentry KM for PATROL] due to error on [.\lib\MS_HW_hdf\MS_HW_SNIALibrary.hdf].

      [14:21:52] Unable to install file '.\lib\MS_HW_hdf\MS_HW_SNIALibrary.hdf' for product [mshwnakm].


      I then checked the .gz file which contains that specific MS_HW_SNIALibrary.hdf file, in the Products\mshwnakm directory, it was indeed corrupt in both the deployable package and on the TSPS server, in the TrueSightPServer\truesightpserver\modules\cma\pproxy\depot_directory\bmc_products\packages\mshwnakm\1.9.60\ directory.

      As the original solution .zip file is OK, I'm wondering if anyone else has already observed the same symptoms? Thoughts?


      Many thanks,