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    Need MRL to extract values from SNMP trap

    Monika Malik

      I need to extract the Backup Server, Group Server, Client name and Status values from below mc_long_msg and populate it in msg slot as


      msg='Backup Server: <<Servername without full FQDN>> Group Name: <<Group name without FQDN>> Client Name : <<Client name without FQDN>> Status: failed'




      mc_long_msg='Details of the Backup Failed Client



      Backup Server: <<Servername.abc.com>>

      Group Name: <<roup name.abc.com>>

      Client Name: <<Client name.abc.com>>

      Status: failed

      Level: Full

      Throughuout: 0.0

      Data Backup Size: 0 MB

      Data Size Transffered: [undefined]

      Job Start Stime: 19/07/2017 08:06:10

      SaveSet: index:

      Job Run time : 0.03333333333333333  Mins';


      Thanks !