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    How to change minimum password length in BPPM 9.6

    Tammy Ryan
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      I need to set the minimum password length in BPPM 9.6 to at least 7.  The default is 6.  I added pronet.login.minLength=7 to pw/custom/conf/pronet.conf and it let me add a user with a PW length of 6 characters.  I also recycled BPPM and it still let me add a new user with a 6 character PW.  I then changed the default in the pw/pronto/conf/pronet.conf with the same results.  If I type a PW with less than 6 characters, I get a message that says the PW must be at least 6 characters. But no error if there are 6 characters. I've logged out of the console before adding a New User also.  Am I doing something wrong ?  Most of our accounts are in LDAP but once in a while I create an account in BPPM to test with that isn't in LDAP.