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    Qualification Set in Recon

    Jeff Sikorski

      Atrium 8.1.02


      This goes back to a question I had earlier, that I don't know if I just can't seem to understand.


      My Source dataset here is JCP.SystemEnvironment
      My Target dataset here is BMC.ASSET





      I want to write a rule where it only merges/matches if the instance ID from *BMC.ASSET* (target dataset) is "OI-F17A27308B43459BB9D058376111983D"


      I've written and tried the rules both ways, and neither work.  Do these rules only work for data in the Source Datasets?


      dollar sign

      $InstanceId$ = "OI-F17A27308B43459BB9D058376111983D"




      single quote

      'InstanceId' = "OI-F17A27308B43459BB9D058376111983D"