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    Get TSCO Certified... TSCO 10.7 Certification is available now !!!

    Vrushali Athalye

      Preparing for a certification is no less exciting than preparing to climb Mount Everest. Still, all the innovative minds and explorers go for it, because... it's there !!!


      So here is an exciting news for all the capacity planners and administrators. The certification on TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10.7 is available now. This certification tests participant's abilities to install and configure TSCO 10.7 and also the skills related with TSCO functionalities such as analyses, models, reports, ETLs, reservations, and views.


      For more information, feel free to visit the IT Certification page and thehttp://www.bmc.com/education/courses/certified-professional-truesight-capacity-optimization-10-x.htmlTrueSight Capacity Optimization certification details page.http://www.bmc.com/education/courses/certified-professional-truesight-capacity-optimization-10-x.html