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    Synchronism Discovery With Atrium CORE (CMDB) - Database Details with PORTS, using only OS credential

    Edison Santos

      Hi guys!


      I had Discovered some databases and I verified that not all information that I find on the DISCOVERY UI, I can find on the CMDB UI.


      One important information that I need to find into CMDB is the PORT number for de Database (Instance). I couldn't find these data on CMDB, although this information is available on Discovery.


      I'm not using database credentials for now, but, these ports was discovered with OS credentials and can be found on "#Detail:Detail:ElementWithDetail:SoftwareInstance.port" (Defined Ports) and "#Detail:Detail:ElementWithDetail:SoftwareInstance.listen_tcp_sockets" (Listen Ports), from partition "DatabaseDetail" from DISCOVERY.


      Are these informations wrote to CMDB?? Where?? If not, how could I to force this information to be wrote to the CMDB??


      Best Regards,