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    Implicit scans of decommissioned Hypervisors

    Mark Lemar

      I'm currently investigating why some of our hypervisors continue to scan successfully (implicitly/indirectly), despite being powered down & decommissioned.


      Despite being powered down and no longer on the network, the VC managing these hosts still returns details about them, from which they are implicitly scanned succesfully.


      There are obviously still references to the hypervisors in the VC, but I'm trying to understand more about how a VC returns the hypervisor IPs to be implicitly scanned & whether this can be controlled?  For example, does the implicit scanning method ignore hypervisors set in maintenance mode?


      Under Discovery Configuration, we have the 'Ping before scanning' option set to 'No'.  I'm assuming that if we set this to 'Yes', the pings would fail and subsequent implicit scans would also fail?