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    How to send notification to Customer after every 24 hrs while ticket is in Waiting for Customer details and how to stop the process in between when we get the update

    Parmeet Arora

      Suppose an Incident is moved to status as "waiting for customer" , but there has been no updates by the Client/Customer even after 24 hrs on that ticket.Then a notification in the form of an email should go to him/her.


      The reminders need to be sent once every 24 hours after the ticket has been put in to pending status with the status reason client action required. So the first reminder goes to the customer 24 hours after the ticket goes in to pending the second reminder will then go 24 hours after the first reminder, and a third reminder will go out of 24 hours after the second reminder.

      Once the third reminder has gone out then the ticket should automatically close 24 hours after the third reminder. and if we get an update in between once the status is changed reminders should get stopped