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    BPPM: timeout rule and monitor status

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      in BPPM9.6 i've set a timeout rule to close some events after some time (e.e: 8hrs) through the administration console.

      These events are Alarm type events and are being generated by BPPM because of global/instance thresholds set at BPPM level.


      I noticed that when these events are being closed by the timeout rule, the monitor that generated them does not change state, actually because it keeps getting data over its thresholds, thus resulting in no events being generated at all (until the data collected falls under threshold again resetting the monitor).


      I'm not sure that this is totally right: if i manually closed an event, and the data collected was above thredsholds, i would get a new alarm at the next poll cycle..so why timeout rules do not have the same effect ?


      What i woould like to do is to regenerate the alarm a few times a day, so that it contains fresh information (to be sent via mail from bppm).

      Is the approach somehow wrong in your opinion ?