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    Anyone ever see the Ctl Sus (Control Suspend) field blank out in TOM (Total Object Manager)

    Chris Forzaglia

      I noticed that after I did a reset to an object that was in a error'd state the Ctl Sus field blanked out. There should be an "N" in that field.


      CMD Object Name    Eval  Last  Curr Sys Curr Sys Status  Reason           Primary  Sched Schds Dep. Deps Excptn Force   ValSys Ctl Prd Servers Last-TOM Last-TOM   Last-TOM LastOper

      --- -------------- Stat  Stat  -------- ---------------- ---------------- System   Sat.  ----- Sat. ---- ------ Start   ------ Sus --- ------- Action   Date       Time     Action 

           CTJMON4        Activ Activ SY4      ACTIVE           Actively running SY4      YES       1 NONE    0 NO     NO           1     STM       0 START    26JUL2017  10:49:01 RESET 


      Now I'm not able to tell from the screen if it's under TOM's control or not.  It appears to still be since it's still reacting to triggers, but I feel like there is a glitch in the Program...