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    ADDM Playback mode

    Neal Meagher
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      I copied the pool and record data to the var directory i set the appliance into playback mode. I just cant seem to find documentation on how actually play it back?

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          Andrew Waters

          That is because it is a diagnostic tool (per the docs) rather than a general supported feature. Adding a new scan will use playback information rather than doing new discovery. Why would you even want to do this?

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            Neal Meagher

            I am trying to playback a discovery of host with MongoDB instances not picking up DBs entries form one appliance on another. I have copied the directories "pool and record" into the \usr\tideway\var pool and record directories. I put the discovery into playback mode. Then scan the      IPs that were precorded. Its tries to run scans instead of playing back?

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              Andrew Waters



              If you are in playback mode it will not do real discovery. The scan data will come from record data. If it is running on Windows that makes things more complicated. Then because record data is not present on the appliance you either need a proxy with record data or to mark the pool data as non-expiring by adding .no-expiry files to the leaf directories you are scanning (i.e. if scanning in /usr/tideway/var/pool/192/168/10/2).

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                Lionel ARISTOTE

                There's a typo. This is in fact a .no-expiry file to create.

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