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    Change BMC Logo After Login

    Rahul Priyadarshy

      Hi All,


      May i need some pointers to change below BMC logo. We already re-branded login.jsp file. We need to replace below bmc image.



      Top Right corner after login.

      I dont have much time to do analysis so thought of posting if some one has already done. ARS+ITSM+MT- 9.1.02




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          Hi Rahul,


          We have changed the same in our environment. so what you need to do is as below:

          1. Open SHR:LandingConsole in Dev studio

          2. Create overlay and add a new "Button" field

          3. Attach the required image in this button field properties (adjust the size of this image as per the requirement)

          4.Now move this button field over this default logo.

          5. Now say your changes and test


          hope this will work for you as we also using the same way.

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            Raghavendra Mudagallu

            Hi Rahul,


            Use the above solution suggested by pawan or the below one:

            Create a new image object for the custom logo company and attach it to the OOTB field z3Btn_BannerLogo (303633100) in SHR:LandingConsole.


            Basically i prefer to use AR Skin Selectors for any cosmetic changes related to OOTB fields.




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              Mohammad Rehman

              I have not tried but if you see the image is referenced to ootb image SHR:SHR:Console-BMC-Logo not embadded image, Backup this image and try to upload new image on this same image and flush the cache and see.

              I hope this should work.

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                Sherwin Russel

                Mohammad is right, backup this image, and create overlay to replace the gif file, it should work, advisable to use the same size, i.e 87x20

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                  Ganesh Gore

                  You can also consider to replace this logo from other main forms like:

                  . AST:Asset Management Console

                  . AST:Purchasing Console

                  . AST:Receiving Console

                  . AST:SAMConsole

                  . CHG:Change Management Console

                  . CHG:Infrastructure Change

                  . CTM:People Management Console

                  . CTR:ContractConsole

                  . HPD:Help Desk

                  . HPD:Incident Management Console

                  . PBM:Known Error

                  . PBM:Problem Investigation

                  . PBM:Problem Management Console

                  . PBM:Solution Database

                  . RAC:Config:Console

                  . RKM:Knowledge Management Console

                  . RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager

                  . RMS:Release

                  . RMS:ReleaseManagementConsole

                  . ROI:Console

                  . RQC:ServiceRequestConsole

                  . SHR:LandingConsole

                  . SHR:OverviewConsole

                  . SRS:BusinessManagerConsole

                  . SRS:ImportExportConsole

                  . SRS:ServiceCatalogManagerConsole

                  . SRS:ServiceRequestCoordinatorConsole

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                    Rahul Priyadarshy

                    Thanks All for reply but the Spot On came from -Mohammad Rehman


                    Apart from that Image we also changed Image which comes in Request Entry entry console-SRM Console-BMC-Logo-Blue


                    Thanks all for response.





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                      Rahul Priyadarshy

                      Ganesh- I tested for few but the image is on Frame so its visible in all ITIL Console.