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    Smart Reporting

    David Ribeiro
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      Hi, is it possible to make a graph with the top 10 and the eleventh column is the sum of the others?

      Something like the example below.

      Thx for the help.


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          Abhijeet Teli

          Hey David,

          I don't see any straight forward way to achieve this, You can get top 10 rank but this will ignore remaining records, I'll check if i can find some work around,


          Which version of Smart Reporting you are on ?





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            David Ribeiro

            Hi Abhijeet,

            The version that we use is the 9.1.

            Thanks for replying so fast.

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              HI David.

              You can try this by using Sub-query Option within the reporting. Do the top 10 List in your main Query and make the sum of all in sub query and make a union join. you may have to play with calculated fields to get the sum of only top 10 in the sub query or you have to some how manage to get only top results to the sub query report.

              main query top 10 +subquery Union all +sub query sum of top 10 = 11 records in report.


              then you can create the Graph out of it.

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