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    ADDM 11.0 : Discovery of Host container

    Gurusankar Rengaramanujam

      Hello All,


      Please can anyone help me to understand the discovery of Host container and Host in it.


      I noticed that both are getting updated under BMC.Computersystem form in CMDB. Also it is understandable that serial number is common for host and host container.


      Kindly can anyone explain how it is discovered and synced to CMDB.




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          Andrew Waters

          That is rather a generic question.


          For example you can find a MangementController which is managing blades. The blades can be individual Hosts with a HostContainer bringing them together in a single container. There recognising the ManagementController drove the model. The mapping then goes from a Host to the HostContainer (a BMC_ComputerSystem representing the blade system) and then to the ManagementController (BMC_HardwareSystemComponent).

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