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    Performance tuning for consuming web service in Remedy

    Saurabh Maheshwari
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      Hi Experts,



      We have done the bi-directional integration between Remedy and 3rd party application using SOAP web services. Ticket is getting created from 3rd party application to Remedy and updating the status of remedy in other application at ticket resolution in Remedy.


      Generally, In our environment Remedy tickets take  2 to 3 seconds processing time in resolution but if we do resolve 3rd party application generated ticket then time increase to 6 - 10 seconds.


      Now I need suggestion on how can we improve the performance of for 3rd party application ticket as well. Can we push data into the remedy custom form and update the records in other application from their or any other better solution we can use to decrease the processing time.


      Remedy ARSystem version 8.1/ITSM version 8.1.




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          LJ LongWing


          So, if you analyze the timings of workflow when running resolution on non-integrated vs integrated tickets, you will likely find the only difference being that web service call.  You have a few options in this scenario.


          1 - Continue along as you are (not your preferred option of course)

          2 - Create an 'interface' form that contains all of the information that you need for the integration, and instead of performing the integration directly from your ticketing form, perform a push into this form.  Then, you could have an escalation come through and take these records that are in that form and process them properly.


          The down side of option 2 is that the integration is slightly deferred, you can have the escalation run once a min (might want to run in it's own pool), but if that's not an issue for you, then it might be the best option that I can think of


          There are a few alternatives you could try if neither of those work, but they are significantly more 'advanced' and might not be needed if you are ok with the slight deferral

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            Saurabh Maheshwari

            Thanks LJ LongWing !!!


            I will try second option and check the performance.




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              Fred Grooms

              One thing I try to get people to think about when doing an integration as part of a record update (either pushing or pulling data with another application), is that the other application's processing time for the transaction now becomes part of your update processing time.