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    How do you report on BPPM event management ?

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      I'm looking for a way to make reports about how events are being managed in OM consoles by operators.

      This means reporting on how long events are being opened, how long before they are owned, how long before they are closed, who owned or closed them and if they were closed automatically or manually.

      These are basic information that customers want to know but BPPM does not offer anything to achieve this. I've been recently looking at a giant table in the sybase db EG_EVENT_VIEW but as usual it's undocumented and subject to a lot of assumptions and interpretations especially when it comes to determine if an event was closed automatically (RATE CLOSED i assume...) or manually.

      Anybody had any experience on this ?

      Moreover i don't understand why this view contains events that are older than the default event prune period of a week. The prune period should affect tables alarm_log and event_log (btw: anyone knows the difference ? i assumed the former was about alarm class type events and the latter about patrol events but i think i was wrong...) so why EG_EVENT_VIEW should contain older events ?

      Any help appreciated, i can't seem to find an out of the box or solution to this simple requirement.