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    Auto event deletion from cells

    Ravinder Kumar
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      We are facing an issue in our environment where events are getting deleted after sometime from console. We do not have any rule configured for event deletion or suppression. Inflow of event in cell is less than 2000/day.


      Please suggest if anyone has faced similar situation. Cell version is 9.6.00.



      Ravinder Kumar

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          Nikhil Suryawanshi

          Hello Ravinder,


          is above issue has been resolved or you are still facing the issue, if you are then please do check following...


          Event is intelligent event or external event??

          If event is external events then do check %mcell_home%/etc/mcell.conf file, in that












          And if event is intelligent then use below command to check event retention period in DB...

          pw event list period


          Hope this will help you.



          NIkhil Suryawanshi.

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            Ravinder Kumar

            Hi Nikhil,


            Issue is resolved now. We made some changes in the integration script which was actually causing the unusual behavior.



            Ravinder Kumar