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    How to add a custom permission group in remedy 9.1

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      Hi All,


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      I am working on remedy 9.1 and just for test i want to know how we can create custom permission,group and their roles. So i followed the below steps.

      1-> Create a custom group from Group form. Please find the screen shot below:



      2-> created a custom role from the Roles form for the custom application:




      3-> Create a deploy-able custom application state as Production in developer studio. Also added the forms inside this application and map the role which i created in role form.Please find the screen shot:

      custom application.JPG


      Kindly confirm me if i did something wrong in above steps. Now i want to assign this permission to a user from CTM:People form as we assign incident user and master permission. But as checked my custom permission is not visible there. Could you please suggest me that how can i make a permission which should be available in People form permission group and act like incident master or user permission.


      people group.JPG

      Thanks in Advance