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    Status request email policy

    Lindsey Ring

      Hi, I have a question about the status request policy that I'm hoping someone can help me with. We had a user send us an email with the subject line "Status", asking about the status of a new employee's equipment. This email didn't generate a work order within Track-It as it should have, and instead she received an automatic response from our Help Desk email address saying that "her request for status information for work order # 207 was denied, and only the original requestor can request status via e-mail." The work order number referenced in that auto response was actually the area code of the phone number in her email signature, because she wasn't looking for a status update of a particular work order at all and it looks like the policy just took the first number it could find in her email. I can't figure out where this policy is located, does anyone know how to disable it? Thanks!

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          Ken Soszka

          Hi Lindsey,


          That process can't be disabled, it is used for other means of status checking as well. This article won't solve your problem, but towards the bottom there is a section which explains the process:


          "Request for Status" or "Append to Work Order" Denied When Using Mail Monitor Generated E-Mail Links in Track-It!


          In your case, the user must have sent the email to the email address that the Track-It! help desk monitors. If the email was not related to a Work Order, then it should not have been sent there. If the intention was to create a new Work Order to check on the status of the equipment, can you show me the exact subject line of the email?

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            Lindsey Ring

            Hi Ken,


            Thanks for answering! The user did send the email to our monitored email address intending to create a work order asking about the status of a new employee's equipment setup, which was unrelated to any prior work orders. The subject line was simply the word Status. This policy found the first number it could find within the email (the area code from the phone number in her signature) and used that as the work order number to check the status of. Since we really only monitor work orders and not the email inbox itself, we didn't know that she'd sent this email until she told us about the auto-reply she received, so this feature is slightly problematic. I tested it with a few test emails and it looks like it's only happening when the only thing in the subject is the word "status", which means this problem won't arise very often, but it would still be nice if we could disable it. I sent one test email asking for the status of a work order but there were no numbers within the email, and I didn't receive any kind of auto-reply, but in Configuration > Administration > E-mail Configuration > Automated Schedule I found my email and it was listed as a processing error due to the lack of an integer:


              -- The Work Order number should be specified as a valid integer value.  [System.Exception]

            System.Exception : The Work Order number should be specified as a valid integer value.

               at TrackIt.Business.HelpDesk.HelpDeskImpl.EmailRequestManagement.HelpDeskEmailRequestProcessor.SendSpecificStatus(Message message)

               at TrackIt.Business.HelpDesk.HelpDeskImpl.EmailRequestManagement.HelpDeskEmailRequestProcessor.StatusRequested(Message message, Boolean& isSuccessful)

               at TrackIt.Business.HelpDesk.HelpDeskImpl.EmailRequestManagement.HelpDeskEmailRequestProcessor.ProcessRequest(Message message, Int32 index)

               at TrackIt.Business.Administration.BasicAdministrationImpl.EmailRequestManagement.EmailMonitor.<>c__DisplayClass9.<ExecuteMonitorCycleCore>b__6(EventType eventType, Object eventContext)


            We only ever set work orders as open or closed and we don't have our end users request status updates, so for us this feature is only causing issues and no benefits.

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              Ken Soszka

              I understand Lindsey, you might want to submit an Idea on the Track-It! Product Page, by clicking Actions->Idea. Then others can vote on it, and it may be considered for a future release.

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                Cris Coffey

                I doubt this type of thing would happen very often. Honestly I cant recall anyone ever reporting this issue in the last 20 years. Users usually put some semblance of what their issue is into the email subject. Even if its 1 word like Printer, its usually something to do with the problem they are emailing about.


                In the new Track-It! platform in development now, there will be more customization features in the business rules that should allow for tweaking of something like this.

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                  John Comes

                  Good afternoon,


                  I ran into a similar issue today while testing the status request feature. When a new work order is created via email, the sender receives notification with pertinent details and 3 links at the end.


                  When selecting  the "Click on this link to request an updated status for this Work Order", it opens a new email with the subject line only showing:  STATUS.  It does not include the original work order number as part of the subject.


                  When sending this request, a reply comes back with: "Your request for status information on WO# 206 was denied. Only the original requstoer can request status via email."

                  The 206 part of the area code that appears in the Status request email


                  The link for submitting additional information and checking all status on all work orders work as expected. Hovering over the Status link shows the following:


                  mailto:SurgTest@ABC.com?subject=status&bod! y=44793


                  It appears somewhere an exclamation point was added into the code.  Where/how can I change this setting?




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                    John Comes

                    Disregard for the above issue for now. With making any changes besides stopping and restarting services, the Status link appears to work correctly now, adding the Work Order to the body of the email.


                    Related though:

                    1. Can you edit the link so the WO# appears in the subject line along with Status... e.g.  STATUS:12345  ?  This would be similar to the update/append link.

                    2. Is there a way to modify the link text?  It is a bit wordy and I'd like to change the formatting to make it match other parts of the template. Or, would it be preferably or easier to remove the links and create them as part of the email template with HTML formatting?