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    "Request Entry" form display issues 9.1.03

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      We recently implemented the 9.1.03 service pack in our Remedy Development environment.  We were previously on 9.1.02.  After successful installations of the 9.1.03 service pack, we have run into an issue. The "Request Entry" form in Service Request Management will not display correctly (see screenshots).  It is not displaying certain fields/links.  When I click on "Browse", none of our Service Requests are listed.  The screen is blank.  There has been no customization to this form and we had no errors on the Service Request Management install log for 9.1.03 service pack upgrade.


      It was working correctly in 9.1.02.  Has anyone else seen this?  We have restarted mid-tier and AR server and cleared mid-tier cache with no success.