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    TrueSight Middleware BMM: Issues importing EventPacks and doing sync

    Antonio Jesus Diaz
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      Hi all,


      I've done the installation of BMMS  (Truesight middleware monitoring). Everything seems work ok and the installation was successfull. But, when I try doing :


      ./mqsimport Samples/EventPacks/DataPower/DataPower_EventPack.zip SA


      It start importing everything succesfully but when reach Event template fail and abort :

      Imported Event Trigger: DataPower_XSLProxy_NotAvailable

      Imported Event Trigger: DataPower_XSLProxy_Slow

      Imported Event Trigger: DataPower_XSLProxy_Unsaved


      Write of Event Template failed:

      Execution Aborted


      Additonally, when  I try doing the sync, I 'm getting this message :


      $ ./dbschema_sync -i -d "Oracle 11.2"  DTMTMMD_MLW.O2 TRUESIGHT_MM -p XXXXXXXXX

      The following services must have never been active with the currently running

      instance of the AS prior to running dbschema_sync.  Verify all services are

      inactive and re-start the AS using qpas -j:



      We only have the AS running and with -j option.


      Please, could you help us to fix the issues?