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    log master SQL output

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      Can the logmaster SQL output be longer than 80 bytes, when using migrate.  doc says one line per SQL makes it easier to export to other databases.

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            Phil Grainger

            Hi Peter


            Sorry for the delay in replying, but the answer is YES - you can allocate a VB format file to contain your SQL, ensuring that you have ONE SQL statement "per line" and don't need necessarily to worry about continuation or termination


            I hope that answers your question


            Phil Grainger

            product Manager

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              so what would be the syntax, I am getting errors. here is what I am using.   One question, since the dataset gets dynamically allocated I assume it does not need to be preallocated.  I tried LRECL and RECFM=VB  neither seems to work.  the manual says use recfm=vb.



                  DATASET &SYSUID..D&DATE..T&TIME..MIGRATE.SQL NEW       



                     CYLINDERS SPACE(1,1) UNIT(SYSDA) RELEASE           

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                Phil Grainger

                Hi Peter


                Sorry for the delay - July 4th got in the way!


                Try this




                      DATASET &SYSUID..D&DATE..T&TIME..SQL NEW        

                      CYLINDERS SPACE(1,1) UNIT(SYSDA) RELEASE           


                      TEMPLATE &SYSUID..D&DATE..T&TIME..TEMPLATE NEW  

                      TRACKS SPACE(1,1) UNIT(SYSDA) RELEASE           

                      RECFM VB                                        

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                  yes that worked thank-you.  dumb me I specified recfm=vb , took a while to find that.

                  Also  of note if you don't specify lrecl in the dataset parameters, you end up with a dataset file with 27998 bytes in length per record. So if you know approx. how big your records will be, you can specify the lrecl to reduce the wasted space.   However check that no records go to the end of the lrecl before assuming all ok. v

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                    sorry that is 27994 bytes not 27998 for lrecl ,  blksize is 27998

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                      Phil Grainger

                      Glad it worked out in the end