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    File System Nodes Not Updating

    Jon Trotter

      We have a problem where the host node file system information doesn't seem to be updating during a normal scan, which affects triggering of other patterns and this issue is only applicable to certain nodes. This started close to the beginning of May from what we can see. We are running and have three other environments running another instance and two other instances at and that do not have this issue. Debugging in the affected environment shows the file systems and mounts and other information for a host does get discovered (this is viewable in the df file in the debug logs), but when viewing the file systems for the same host in the GUI it does not refer to the inference information or last date when it was inferred, which I believe is an aspect of the issue causing it to not trigger patterns that perform updates for SIs related to the node. Has anyone seen an instance where some attributes and not others of the host updates?


      This is an example of a host that does not show information for the latest inference time, yet the host is still active and we had a successful scan yesterday that updated other attributes of the host.



      I have also copied the linux.sh script and run locally on the host being used to debug and the script will produce information for the mounts and associated file systems. If anyone has any thoughts on where to do some additional debugging, the help would be appreciated.