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    Error browsing endpoint registry remotely in BCM

    Paul Hecker
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      I'm working in BCM 12.1. 


      Trying to build a custom inventory using a registry key.  Getting error browsing endpoint registry remotely in BCM.  Verify that the same registry path can be browsed successful in RegEdit.


      The error is: "Warning - Keys could not be recovered.  Operation done with the rights of user "System Rights".  Generic error.".  (Screenshot attached)


      Reproduced error using both a BCM full administrator account and a BCM Active Directory (Domain Administrator) full administrator account.


      Error occurred when browsing endpoint registry remotely (HOSTNAME > Direct Access > Registry > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Hardware > Description > System".)


      Does anyone have information on this error message and how to resolve it?






      BCM Remote Registry Browse Error.jpg