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    BCM Reporting Incorrect IP Address for Relays

    Paul Hecker
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      Under BCM 12.1, we have implemented 2 Internet Facing Relays (IFR's), behind an F5 Load Balancer, with great success.  However, what we are seeing is that while the relays connected to the IFR's are fully functional, as well as manageable by their assigned IP address and DNS name, BCM is reporting that their IP address is the IP address of the F5 Load Balancer, both in the BCM interface and in the identity.ini on the relay.


      Can you tell me how the endpoint IP address, in this case "relay" IP address, is identified to BCM and recorded in the identity.ini?


      Is there any way we can fix this so that the BCM interface and identity.ini show the actual IP address of the relay?






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          Steve Gibbs



          Got to Hardware Inventory of the relays in question and look at the "Network Adapter Configuration" section and see if the assigned IP is listed among the numerous adapters.


          The IP listed on general page is the routing IP the Parent sees...

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            Paul Hecker

            Hi Steve,

            The network adapter configuration information is part of the bizarre.


            For instance, if you have a device group of all relays, all relays reporting to the IFR;s have the F5 IP address in the IP Address column.


            But, if you look under the relay's c, the "Host IP Address" is correctly identified.


            I would have expected, until now, that the identity.ini would have the IP address in the network adapter configuration, but apparently not.


            We're excelling at odd.