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    Does RemedySSO provide an internal LDAP? Usable for Discovery

    Patrick Rauhut
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      Hello Community,


      were planning to migrate our AtriumSSO environment into a RemedySSO environment.

      Currently our Discovery ( environment uses the local ldap of the ASSO as user store (populated by an AI job -> polling AR users with special groups and writing them to the ASSO; Discovery requires a "direct ldap"; the ASSO AR user store isn't working directly).

      For now I've the following questions:

      - Does RSSO also provide a local ldap which could be used?

      - Is there an other way (more elegant way) to use the AR user/groups with RSSO and Discovery?


      Using our Windows ADs isn't a suitable solution for user/group management of our full BMC environment.


      Best regards,