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    FootPrints Sessions and Licence Usage - Coming to the RjR ITSM database (can be offered to existing FP12 implementations also!) - WIP

    Nicolas Roome
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      This is still Work In Progress (WIP) but I wanted to share with the community what I am working on and get the "hype" built up.


      Over the course of the years with FootPrints 12 (and some other products I have worked with), a pretty common request from administrators is "How can I see when users are logging in and out?" and "How many licences am I using?" or "What time of day is my most busiest with regard to licence consumption?"


      Questions that are not generally easy to answer.


      I have had the answer to these questions built into our ITSM database offering for the last year or so, but admittedly it was rudimentary. The data was tracked in a separate database table and required the FP admin to view it in SQL:


      I am now working on bringing that information within FootPrints, so that the administrator can view it from within the tool, which then also makes the information available to the FootPrints business logic, and Service Analytics!


      With this I can then trigger email notifications to the FootPrints administrator when licence usage reaches a pre-defined threshold, which would proactively inform the admin that there is the possibility that some agents cannot log into the system. This allows your organization to determine whether more FootPrints licences are required, and whether your mixture of fixed/concurrent licences are ok, and whether or not they are assigned to the right people.


      Here is a sample of what I've got so far:


      I don't have the forms built for Licence Usage yet... if I'm not interrupted, give me a few hours