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    email alert mail in entuity 15.5

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      how can i conform entuity email alert mail was send or not.


      Note: which log file is based on emailing.

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          Matt Laurenceau

          (making sure this Entuity question doesn't fall through the net. Who can help?)

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            Laurence Balon



            Entuity does not keep logs on events that are emailed. Entuity provides a test from the web UI that allows you to send test emails. From the UI, select Administration -> Preferences and then the Events and Incidents tab. Click New to bring up a new Event Notification Configuration Window. Enter a valid email address into the Recipients field and click the Send Test Email button.




            If you are using this function, please note that there is a limit to the number of emails that will be sent per hour.The default limit is 600 emails per hour. Once this limit is reached, no more emails will be sent until the next hour. There will be no notification within the web UI that this limit has been met. You can change this by clicking the Advanced tab and adjusting the maximum number of emails that can be sent.





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