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    Truesight TSIM Operations Console improvements

    Donald McLellan

      I realise that the Truesight Operations is not priority for improvements when considering the work happening on the Presentation Servers Console, however as someone who comes from a SysAdmin background there are a few things which I think would be very useful for daily tasks in an operational context which probably wouldn't be served at the TSPS level.


      1 The current function in the Options console for looking at Patrol Agent status is lacking in usability features. I would suggest that it needs to have some way of extracting the data into CSV or PDF files. I live and die by the accuracy of reports I give to my internal customers, and when an agent dies then the report is not going to be complete, so being able to check daily "Whats Up?" or "Whats Down?" is quite a chore. I know that I can select all and copy and paste from the console, but then hours of cleaning up the data ensue before I can task people with restarting the agents in question (on a network in excess of 10 000 servers there is a lot of work.) Perhaps an out of the box status report in the Reports section would be good?


      2. When opening the "Devices" section in "Grid View" the search/filter functions don't change from the other views, this seems very "Event-centric" which has its place, but once again the device status rather than the Event status is more likely what someone is looking for in this view.


      3. The ability to group devices by the type of monitoring out of the box rather than manually creating them, would be handy for instance "Patrol Agents", "Remote Windows Monitoring", "Remote VMWare Monitoring", "SNMP devices" etc. I could use it to filter out the groups in Device view and focus on particular issues affecting one or the other monitor type.


      These are just a few off the top of my head, but If I think of any more I'll be sure to add.