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    ezdeploy error on validate

    Matt Lambie
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      Hi all.


      Trying to configure eZDeploy on a compact RDS 4.6 install.

      Worked through a couple of prereqs including JRE 1.7 not being installed on the RDS!

      When running a validate, we get the following failure:



      ----------------Validation Status----------------



      [INFO] Found NSHDIR.

      [INFO] Local version Of NSH=

      [INFO] BSA NSH Version=

      [INFO] NSH version of target server is compatible with the local NSH version.

      ----AR Server----

      [INFO] RSCD is running on AR Server.

      User have the cloud Admin privileges.

      User have the AR Administrator privileges.

      [INFO] AR Remedy service running

      ---- Platform Manager ----

      [INFO] RSCD Service running on Platform Manager Server.

      [INFO] Platform Manager services  running

      ----BSA Server----

      [INFO] RSCD  running

      [ERROR] BSA console is not able to access BSA App server.

      ----AO Server----

      [INFO] RSCD Service running on AO Server.

      [INFO] AO server AO-AMREPO service Running


      [ERROR] Validation fails. Please fix the ERRORS before proceeding further.



      Any suggestions???