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    How to perform the Integration for third party using the Web Service?

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      Hi Experts,


      We are having below requirement for Web Service integration:-


      1. To create new requests in remedy with the help of web service integration with third party.

      2. The third party  data will be also having customer/requester details so as to feed it in customer contact details for Incident creation.

      3. The challenge is that we need to apply the business logic that if customer detail is not present in CTM:People form, then we need to create new people record.

      4. Also we have to perform the status update towards the customer/third party along with other updates like work log update via web service only.

      5. At last we have to perform the Resolved/Closed status update for every incident towards third party/customer.


      Please could you suggest the best feasible approach to achieve the above mentioned scenario via web service only.

      We are working on ITSM/ARS 8.1.02.


      Early response will be highly appreciated.