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    Upgrade warning - Remedy Server - After upgrading to v9.1.02 patch 003 all localized views are missing linked from Application object AR System Administration

    Stefan Hall
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      QA quality ... a never ending story ...


      1. Upgrade 9.1.02 patch 002 deletes round about 250 forms from Application object AR System Administration - SW00527118
      2. Upgrade 9.1.02 patch 003 should repair it, but the installer import the missing or not missing forms in english only (mode overwrite). Therefore all localized views of round about 250 forms are deleted. All overlays are useless orphans - SW00530476 and other
      3. Upgrade 9.1.02 SP3 is based on patch 003 and is also corrupt.


      I don't know how to handle the security warning from BMC and the recommendation to install patch 003 or SP3. It is not possible without to endanger our systems.

      Additionally the newly defect should be solved with SP3 patch 001. But how can we install it? In the past a patch was no full installation, therefore we have to install SP3 first with deleting all localized views and after that SP3 patch 001 can repair what exactly? All overlays are lost und unusable...


      Hey BMC, I hope you have a better idea to solve the issue than waiting for SP3 patch 001. It is a bit critical for us as customers.