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    Historical Trend Reporting

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      Good day all - Happy Friday.


      I've been working with a couple of Customers who are interested in 'point in time' trend reporting.


      As an example, the requirement is to enable trend reporting of categories of Incident on a week by week basis over a period of time, without resorting to taking that data out of Remedyforce on a weekly basis and storing it in excel or some other tool.


      We can then compare that trend with other activities such as Project Go Lives, Software Deployments, Changes and Releases to determine what causes fluctuations from our Incident norms.


      Is anyone doing this type of reporting and are you willing to share some insights into Why, How and What you're doing?


      For reference, we have some advanced reporting videos published on Communities;





      and Salesforce provide the following information on setting up Historical Trend Reporting in your org;


          First we need to set up Historical Trend Reporting in Salesforce



      https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=reports_historical_setup.htm&type=0    Then we have an ability to report on that Historical data



      Note: before considering this Historical Trend Reporting approach, please pay close attention to your data storage capacity and what increase to that storage this feature may add