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    Transferring content between repositories

    Mina Horiuchi
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      Hi all


      I just trying to do " Transferring content between repositories ".

      refer documentation : Transferring content between repositories - BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform 7.8


      I have 2 environments which both have BAO 7.8.02, ASSO

      There is difference between "environment 1" and "environment 2" is just different modules, adapters setting.


      So i followed the document.


      [ on the "environment 1" ]


      1. login to Repository, go to <Manage Permissions> tab.

          Added Group that named "mytest".



      and i add the same name group on the ASSO.


      Then maybe i'm ready to transfer the content.


      I went to [ environment 2 ].

      On the repository <Transfer Content> i put this details.

      Host ip-adress, I put the corrext ip address. for the screenshot on here, i put random ip.


      I'm just wondering i didn't set the Password for "mytest".

      There was no change to set the password on the ASSO.

      So i put the password of Aoadmin's one.


      then i connected and this error message.



      My understanding and my way was incorrect..?

      Please teach me if someone knows about it.


      Best Regards,