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    Help on Exadata Discovery

    Anthony Valuikas
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      ok, one month into our setup and first question so be nice to the newbie.


      looking through the TKU and reading

      Oracle Engineered Systems - Configipedia - BMC Documentation


      My question since this entire setup for me is separation of duties, what do I request from the Admins of the exadata and related so Discovery can scan it and model everything out? Do I just need a login that can run the few commands as listed in the doc and cat some files as seen in the TKU or do I need snmp also on the hardware? etc. etc...


      Looking for advise from someone who has been there done that.





      edit on 6.12.17

      Found out I may be able to supply DMA's the linux script as a scanner file (on each host) so we will see how that does and that snmp on the hardware is a fallback option. so no snmp needed at this time. ever sp slowly getting there.