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    ARERR [9130] Message not in catalog; Message number = 9130 : ; nested exception is:  java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused


      Request you to guide on below points:


      1. Basic parameters required to  connect remedy 7.6 to servicenow
      2. Whether remedy 7.6 supports REST webservices
      3. Simple step wise example to create incident ticket from remedy 7.6 to servicenow

      Below is the detail of Primary excerise done: We are getting above error while cosnuming the servicenow SOAP Message WSDL in remedy 7.6 filter's webservice action:But using  SOAP 5.3.0 we are able to create incident ticket in servicenow. But same is not fine with remedy-servicenow. WSDL URL: https://XXXXX.service-now.com/incident.do?WSDLWe have tried below approaches:

      • Adding plugins in remedy
      • using manual authentication of in servicenow via installing the certificates.


      AR ERROR: