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    Flash Player (Atrium Core) - Future?

    Yves Beutler

      Hi all,


      recently we had a discussion with one of our customers regarding the Flash Player future in BMC products (for example in Atrium Core).

      The point here is that mentioned customer's guidelines restrict the usage of Flash in the near future (means Flash player does not get installed anymore / will be uninstalled on client machines).


      Is there an official statement regarding Flash Player in BMC products? Unfortunately I could not find any..


      Thanks for any inputs.

      Regards, Yves

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          Jani Myllymäki



          Here you can find which components uses flash, if you are planning to disable it in mid-tier with arsystem.flash.enable_ui_rendering=false flag

          KnowledgeArticle - BMC

          Summary of affected behavior/functionality when Flash is disabled:

          - Atrium Console – will not function without Flash plugin due to reliance on Flex

          - Flashboards- functionality can be changed to render Flashboards in non-Flash based format (accomplished by changing the config.properties value, flashboards.showgraphinflash=1)

          - Animation- Used for opening and closing menus and field expand boxes, etc. gives a wipe in/wipe out effect. Can be disabled by setting this config.properties to false arsystem.enable_Animation

          - Panel/Panel Holder field look and feel- If Flash UI rendering for these fields is disabled by setting this config.properties value to false, arsystem.flash.enable_ui_rendering, then the visual impact will be:




          This is just a guess, but since there is new front end for users "SmartIT" and Asset Console on it, it means that original Atrium Core console will not be upgrade instead same functionalities will be re-build on SmartIT side..... some time in future



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            Gustavo del Gerbo

            Stephen Earl maybe wants to give some official statement on the future of the CMDB Console?

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              Stephen Earl

              For CMDB we are currently working on the new CMDB User Experience, the initial release coming soon, this will start to replace the existing Flex based UI for CMDB, however it is not going to replace it all in the initial release - there's simply too much ground to cover in a single release.

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                Ian Reddy

                Anyone know how to "Explore CI" without Flash? This just became a serious showstopper for us.

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                  Greg Whitney

                  Do you have any updates on the current status of CMDB User Experience as it pertains to replacing Flash? Is there a BMC roadmap for replacing Flash dependency throughout the Remedy product? Thanks!

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                    Jani Myllymäki

                    Hi, Greg


                    BMC has released new CMDB Atrium console on 18.05 and new functionality in 18.08 I suggest to take a look on these links:

                    18.05 enhancements - Documentation for BMC Atrium Core 18.05 - BMC Documentation

                    18.08 enhancements - Documentation for BMC Atrium Core 18.08 - BMC Documentation

                    BMC CMDB 18.05: Viewing CIs and relationships in the CMDB Explorer - YouTube

                    and all other cmdb videos found here: https://docs.bmc.com/docs/ac1808/home-817920297.html


                    There is still some functions that you can only do in flash atrium console.... but as with SmartIT ux, best way to get new functionality is to raise new idea on corresponding product community where functionalities will be implemented if they get enough votes.




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                      Greg Whitney

                      Thanks Jani. With the sunset of Flash in 2020 announced by Adobe and the plans of all major browsers to also stop support by end of 2020 we need to understand how we are going to use Remedy a year and a half from now. Trying to keep old browsers and un-patchable Flash running in our enterprise is not something that is going to succeed so we need to start planning now to keep ahead of this. Looking at the documentation for 18.05 and even 18.08 it still lists Flash as a requirement and Atrium defect SW00550458 still confirms the reliance on *.swf files in 18.08. Certainly BMC must have plans to rewrite their application in HTML5 or some other technology to account for the loss of Flash.

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                        Jani Myllymäki

                        As far I have understood the new console is rewrite in HTML5

                        But like I said there is still some functions that you need to do in the old flash interface like creating relationships between CI's, that's why the requirement for flash.


                        I cannot say when all relevant functions are moved to the new CMDB UI and I don't know what is relevant functions for you and your organization, for example relationships can be done from the asset console or form mid-tier AST: forms as well.


                        Maybe Stephen Earl from BMC have some insight about new CMDB UI roadmap



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                          Stefan Hall

                          Flash will be disabled by default for most users in 2019, and only users running the Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) will be able to continue using Flash through the final end-of-life at the end of 2020


                          "It'll work until the end of 2020" is probably a too optimistic view. It happens earlier and it is not enough if BMC is ready by mid-2020. Customers need time, and possibly a lot of time, to update their solutions. How long does it take to upgrade ITSM from 9104 to 1808, from 81 to 1808 or even 76? Right, 6 months is fast.


                          It would be very helpful if with the next ITSM release 1902 Flash no longer played a role.

                          Nobody uses a release without a patch and so the upgrade doesn't start until May 2019. 7 months later is already 2020.


                          Remedy ITSM

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                            Gustavo del Gerbo

                            The general plan is to continue migrating features of the old console, together with the new functionality into the new CMDB Dashboard (The new UI). This new UI does not require or uses flash. The idea of course is to have this console ready with ALL features of the old (Flex-Flash) UI before Flash is out of support.

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                              Stefan Hall

                              Sorry, but it's not enough if bmc should make it before support ends. Customers also need a couple of months to upgrade.

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                                Stephen Earl

                                Hi Everybody,


                                At this time we are roadmapped to complete the functional implementation of the new CMDB UX before the end of calendar 2019 and have the classic UI redundant, it is important to note that functionality in the new UX is not 1 for 1 equivalent and that functionality may well shift to different areas and be implemented differently given the new approach however having said that you can be rest assured that this item is top of my list of items to complete along with our engineering team and we continue to progress each release towards this goal.



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