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    IBRSD - Propagating enum value from event to incident

    Alvaro Paronuzzi
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      Dear IBRSD experts,


      I am trying to progatate an enum value from a BPPM 9.0 event to the Remedy 8.1 incident via IBRSD.



          3   HIGH

          2   MEDIUM

          1    LOW

          0    NOT_APPLICABLE



      In the class the event slot is defined as:


      skl_isms_confidentiality:    SKL_SECURITY_CIA_VALUE, default = NOT_APPLICABLE;


      Inside the Defaultmapping.map file I added this line and I restarted the IBRSD service:




      On Remedy side the new field called Confidentiality has been created as a Selection field with the same menu defined in the enumeration (see above).


      What I'm seeing is that the value inside this custom slot is not visible inside the Remedy incident.


      The IBRSD log for this says:

      (1992) 20170525 152823.106000 VERBOSE: SLOTS:  BMC-IDK029005V: Slot: Confidentiality=MEDIUM


      (1992) 20170525 152823.107000 VERBOSE: BiiARS:  BMC-COM786667V: ARSEVENT: Confidentiality = MEDIUM

      I don't see any error in the log files so I don't understand why I am seeing the Remedy slot empty. All permissions have been set correctly for the new field.


      Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.