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    Pattern Activation Failed following TKU upload

    Minh Nguyen



      We're running BMC Discovery  I was uploading the TKU 2017-04-2-ADDM11.1+ and got the error Pattern Activation Failed.  On the Knowledge Summary section it is showing that we're running TPL version 1.13 and the latest TKU reflects the 2017-04-2-ADDM-11.1, however only 30 pattern modules are active while 1071 are inactive.  I did not see if anyone had a similar issue and was wondering what the work around is.


      Here's an example failure:


      Change to module CMDB.BAI_Applicaiton_augment failed because Imported name 'BAI_Application' version 2.2 from CMDB.BAI_Application does not match required version 1.3 at line 5.


      This is happening for several modules until we hit another set of messages:


      Change to module AIX.WPAR had warning Deactivating AIX.WPAR to use newly activated module.


      Thank you, and please let me know if additional information is necessary.