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    Hosts via Software Component patterns dropping from Business Application Instances Intermittently

    Adam Lewis

      Hello All,


      A few different times now I find a host that should be picked up by a SC pattern, but it isn't. So this is what I do:

      1. Put the SCs in a Manual Group.
      2. Run the specific Application pattern against the Manual Group (100% of the time it meets the trigger conditions, and gets added back into the Business Application Instance).
      3. A few days pass (we scan daily) I check and the hosts show they're not mapped to an Application.
      4. So I  re-scan all hosts that are suppose to be mapped to the specific Application, and the missing hosts gets added back into the Business Application Instance (BAI).


      I know each scan the SCs are dropping and being recreated with the exact same key.


      An Example:

      These SCs intermittently fall off the BAI.

      It's worth mentioning we are running: TKU-2015-03-1-ADDM-10.1+


      Does anyone have a solution for this bug?


      Thanks in advance,