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    Run Process in Active Link (create file)

    Marek Ceizel
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      Hello together,


      I checked the documentation but there is nothing about some restrictions in using run process in Active Link. Even when I understand the Browser should not be able to run somethink on my PC, I should get an Option to allow that ... right ? But I cannot start anything.


      My request is to create a text file which contains text from a field in form. Also logically I used Run Process and put there

      echo $FIELD$ > c:\test\test.txt


      But I get:

      The Run Process active link action failed because this Run Process command was used incorrectly. (ARERR 9366)


      Actually whatever I put into Run Process Action results into this message . Even an "cmd".

      In documentation are nice examples with exe files and outputs...but how does this actually work ? how can I create a file on Client PC ?


      Starting applications with the Run Process action - BMC Remedy Action Request System 9.1 - BMC Documentation


      thanks a lot

      best regards


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